True Estate
August 1st - September 4th 2017

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Alex Gawronski | Amy Prcevich | Anna White | Annabel Nowlan | Beau Emmett | Benjamin Sheppard | Carla Cescon | Carmel Seymour | Christopher O’Halloran | Claire Lambe | David Hugh Thomas | Debris Facility | Debris Facility and Charlie Sofo | Desiree Tahiri | Emily Valentine | Elvis Richardson | Elyss McCleary | Eugenia Lim | Fergus Binns | Fleur Summers | Hanne Dora Davies| Helen Grogan | Jacqui Shelton | James Hayes | Jess Johnson | Jordan Marani | Julie Davies | Kay Abude and Klara Kelvy | Kenny Pittock | Kiera Brew Kurec | Lou Hubbard | Mark Hislop | Masato Takasaka | Natalie Thomas | Nicole Barakat | Nicole Breedon | Nick Devlin | Rebecca Delange | Sadie Chandler | Sally-Ann Rowland | Sarah crowEST | Scott Donovan | Simon Zoric | Steve Martin | Susan Jacobs | Tania Lou Smith | Tina Havelock Stevens | Verginia Madia | Victor Georgopoulos |

True Estate gallery invited artists to submit a collection, object, concept, drawing, model, painting, sculpture, mixed media, collage, ephemera, image, video, website, story, memory or dream that is found, inherited or created and tells a story about how, where or why you have lived as an artist.

Open House is an exhibition that will present this accumulated collection of artists objects and artworks and display them within a framework of plastic furniture, accompanied by a printed catalogue. The concept of Open House is to amass a collection of creative responses to housing specifically from artists so as to explore the emotional, economic, social and physical circumstances of living as an artist, historically and today.

True Estate is an eclectic new artist run gallery located upstairs at The Alderman, a bespoke deco bar @ 134 Lygon Street, East Brunswick. True Estate will present a program of curated exhibitions that engage with the accumulative and collective state of things today. True Estate is interested in situating contemporary art practices in dialogue with the built environment and the domestic scale, international style, personal taste and artists collecting practices, true crime, colonial resistance, urban myths and the realities of the artist's 'lifestyle' in Australia today.

Open House will be our first show and opens 6pm Tuesday August 1st 2017. Exhibition runs August 1st - September 4th 2017

True Estate gallery is located above The Alderman a bespoke deco bar @ 134 Lygon Street, East Brunswick.

Install Open House

Install Open House

Jordan Marani, Nat Thomas, Scott Donovan

Install Open House

Tina Havelock-Stevens

Install Open House

Debris Facility

Desiree Tahiri

Fergus Binns

Beau Emmett, Eugenia Lim, Fergus Binns, James Hayes

Alex Gawronski, Sarah CrowEST, Kenny Pittock, Helen Grogan, Carmel Seymour

Open House Catalogue

Open House Catalogue